What We Believe

At Rhodes Ave. Woodsmith, we believe you would not contact us if you didn't want a quality product. We know you can find a door or cabinet at a local "big box" for less money. We also know it will be a lesser quality product than what we would deliver. So you have to make a decision: where and how do you want to invest your hard-earned dollar? Sometimes the bargain makes sense, sometimes it does not. We believe when you are furnishing your home, or creating a new entry door, this is not the time or place to skimp on quality.

We use the same tried & true methods used for many years by other furniture makers that produce high quality products. Mortise & Tenon joints, Dados and Rabbets, as well as smart use of the hardwoods are just a few of the methods we use to build long lasting furniture.

We use solid hardwood in our projects. (If we state the item is solid Cherry, it's Solid Cherry.) If there is sheet stock in a piece or in a cabinet, it is Cabinet Grade A-1, hardwood skinned plywood. (The best there is.) Interior parts (i.e. drawer sides and back) are made from poplar, a less expensive hardwood that provides excellent structural integrity.

High quality will lead to long life of the cabinet or furniture items, and that will come at a higher price compared to discount stores that sell Veneered MDF and/or particleboard, "throw-away" furniture. So where does our price range end up being? Basically it's in line with a local, mid to high end Furniture Store's Retail Price.

If you are interested in an item shown on this website, please go to the Contact page and we'll discuss it. We're located in the St. Louis MO. metropolitan area.

I had a friend of mine say to me when he drove up to my house, "Wow, did you get a new storm door? That door really stands out and looks fantastic." Andy S.
"We love our Rhodes Avenue Woodsmith door. It adds so much to the front of our home. " Patrick C.
Eight years ago I surprised my wife with a garden bench you created for our 25th anniversary. We loved it then and still enjoy it as a focal point on our deck. Beautiful craftsmanship and still as attractive as the day we brought it home. ~ M & MA
Tom made two chairs and a table that sit on our front porch. They are very sturdy and quite comfortable. I like that I can set a drink on the chair arm. They look like new after surviving several winters and summers. Tom is a craftsman with many years of making things from wood. The quality of his work is excellent and I would recommend him to make almost anything from wood. ~ Randy S.
We live in an older University City home with a heavy wooden entry door with art glass insert, original to the house. Over the years, the door has deteriorated considerably. Tom restored it for us, even preserving the art glass. It is beautiful! His craftmanship and attention to detail gave us a door even better than we imagined. He completed the project on time and was very easy to work with. We are so proud of our beautiful door and love how it enhances the appearance of our home. We highly recommend Tom and Rhodes Woodsmith. ~ CB & JS

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