New and Restored Entry and Storm Doors - Specializing in Round Top Doors!

"Thomas" Style

The "Thomas" door is made from White Oak, with a 3/4 light on top and single panel at the bottom.

"Conroy" Style

Also made of White Oak, the "Conroy" has 1/2 light on top and three raised panels on the lower half.

The above are only a few of the storm door styles we can make. Tell us what you'd like and we will make every effort to meet your request.
Solid Wood Doors
It is difficult to find solid wood doors these days. They are generally foam core with a wood frame and steel or fiberglass skin. Especially with older homes, replacing the door changes the character of the home. Round Top entry ways make the options even more limited. This is where we hope to bring more options to home owners and contractors.

We offer several options for those with Round Top entry ways for the main and storm doors. The first is restoration of the entry door. We can refinish and/or repair the door and the door frame. While we find that most wooden doors simply need to be restored, if the door is too far gone or if you want to change the look of the door, we can help you with the design of a new one.
Restore or Replace?
In the past we have refinished and, where needed, re-veneered entry doors. In addition to restoring the finish of your wood door, we make all necessary repairs to fully restore your door to its original beauty (i.e., repair damaged window mullions, repair hinges and locksets). Storm Doors in the early 20th century were made from wood. While these are beautiful, they do require regular care and maintenance (a fresh coat of paint or varnish every couple of years). If your door is in need of a facelift, we are happy to restore your wooden storm door. Most doors that appear to need replacing can actually be restored. Let us help you decide whether to restore or replace your door.
New Storm Door
During the mid-20th century, many homeowners opted to replace their wooden storm doors with aluminum ones. While low maintenance, an aluminum storm door simply doesn't have the beauty of a wooden door, nor does it fit the architecture of these homes. We can help you restore the original look of your home by designing a new wooden storm door for your entry way.
I had a friend of mine say to me when he drove up to my house, "Wow, did you get a new storm door? That door really stands out and looks fantastic." Andy S.
"We love our Rhodes Avenue Woodsmith door. It adds so much to the front of our home. " Patrick C.
Eight years ago I surprised my wife with a garden bench you created for our 25th anniversary. We loved it then and still enjoy it as a focal point on our deck. Beautiful craftsmanship and still as attractive as the day we brought it home. ~ M & MA
Tom made two chairs and a table that sit on our front porch. They are very sturdy and quite comfortable. I like that I can set a drink on the chair arm. They look like new after surviving several winters and summers. Tom is a craftsman with many years of making things from wood. The quality of his work is excellent and I would recommend him to make almost anything from wood. ~ Randy S.
We live in an older University City home with a heavy wooden entry door with art glass insert, original to the house. Over the years, the door has deteriorated considerably. Tom restored it for us, even preserving the art glass. It is beautiful! His craftmanship and attention to detail gave us a door even better than we imagined. He completed the project on time and was very easy to work with. We are so proud of our beautiful door and love how it enhances the appearance of our home. We highly recommend Tom and Rhodes Woodsmith. ~ CB & JS

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